Parcel Monkey International

Collected & Delivered from your home or work

From £14.79! (£17.75 inc.VAT)

  • Delivery to most worldwide destinations
  • Your item will be collected from your home/work
  • You'll need to print an international routing label and stick it to the box
  • Use our online customs invoice wizard to make generating commercial/ pro-forma invoices easy
  • Fully tracked online

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At Parcel Monkey, we aim to provide our customers with the lowest possible domestic and international courier prices which offering the most convenient booking process and responsive customer service. We achieve this by partnering with the most respected and efficient parcel delivery companies and operating a lean business. This allows us to pass on the cost savings onto you.

Parcel Monkey International encompasses both Parcel Monkey Air Express and Parcel Monkey by Road and is designed to reduce greatly the cost of international parcel delivery.

Often our worldwide courier prices are a fraction of the amount that the more established shipping companies charge and the only sacrifice is usually an extra day or two on the delivery time. If cost is your primary concern Parcel Monkey International is certainly the international courier service for you.

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