Are you suitable business couriers?

We have an extensive selection of customers who are businesses so you could class us as that..

When you run a business, you need a reliable business courier service to ensure that all your clients and partners get the products and documents they require on time and without any issues. Parcel Monkey offers a reliable UK domesticEuropean and International courier service.

We pride ourselves on offering the cheapest courier services available at a touch of a button which backup should you need it – and that’s why our customers hold us in such high regard. Our objective is to make sure that all of customers that rely on us for providing business courier services have an easier working life if they used Parcel Monkey compared to any other courier company.

If you would like to know how much money we could save you on your business courier costs then fill in this quick courier quotes form and compare us to your present business couriers – we’re sure you’ll see how much time and money we could save you and don't forget, we are a professional courier company.

For Home-Based Businesses

Over the past few years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of Premier accounts with home addresses. Traditionally these have been customers who focus primarily on eBay as their route-to-market. But more recently we have seen a growing number of customers with their ecommerce stores based on the likes of Shopify, Magento Commerce, Big Commerce and even Wordpress.

Although we have another business that offers  pick, pack and ship solutions we do provide a solution for those customers that still wish to hold their own stock and manage their own orders. With  API integration  you can just very easily hook up your own website to the parcel booking process. This means that as orders are made on your site, the arrangement for parcel collection and delivery takes place automatically. Your shipping labels will appear in your dashboard and be emailed to you.

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Perfect For Your Bulk Shipping & Regular Sender Needs

Whether you're 'doing volume' or not, marketing is an aspect of your business that is crucial to growth. That doesn't change if you're new to business or if you've been in business for generations. The problem is that as you expand you have less time to focus on the logistics of your business and are pulled in all sorts of marketing directions. Outsourcing and streamlining your fulfillment tasks can only be of benefit. 

Another time-consuming aspect of your company is the accounting of orders and deliveries. Withing the supercharged system you can prepay for your shipping and have fewer invoices to process

Accredited Partners

We're also in the process of launching our accredited partners services where customers can display a badge given their rating for parcel deliveries. An example can be found with the Strawberry ideas and KP Autos.

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