Quick Information: Arrange parcel delivery to Armenia

Delivery time to Armenia: 2-3 days by air
Courier services by: DHL
Import restrictions: Anything that endanger the state and national security, etc.

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Courier prices to send cheap parcels to Armenia

Here are some example shipping costs to send a parcel to Armenia. For a personalised quote please enter the weight and dimensions of your item into the quote engine above.

1kg small parcel delivery to Armenia

DHL Air Express 2-3 days from collection to delivery £ 61.99
Parcel Monkey Air Express 3-4 days from collection to delivery £ 30.29

10kg courier service to Armenia

DHL Air Express 2-3 days from collection to delivery £ 156.92
Parcel Monkey Air Express 3-4 days from collection to delivery £ 61.19

20kg large parcel to Armenia

DHL Air Express 2-3 days from collection to delivery £ 263.20
Parcel Monkey Air Express 3-4 days from collection to delivery £ 93.69

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I had to wait all day for the courier to pick up. Would be good to give a time window (am or pm) even for collection of parcels.
Thank you very much for your excellent service.
Excellent speedy service, use Parcel Monkey for international deliveries on a regular basis, and never had a reason to complain!
Brilliant service, very fast, very efficient, and the collecting guy was extremely helpful and courtesous!
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Useful information for sending a parcel to Armenia

The Republic of Armenia is a landlocked country bordered by Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and Georgia with a capital that is some 2,813 miles from London by road to the Armenian capital of Yerevan. Some see Armenia as not being part of Europe as the culture is so radically different to that of Western Europe given that it has a distinctly Middle-Eastern feel to it.

The country was part of the old Soviet Union but had its independence finalised on Christmas Day 1991 but there have been continuing tensions in the region which resulted in a rail and air blockade of Armenian by Azerbaijan in 1993 which was a major issue for the country as 85% of its cargo imports arrived via rail.

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In 2011 Forbes Magazine stated that it had only one other country had a worse economy than it. Although recently Armenia was ranked 28th most economically free country in the world ahead of Portugal, Italy, France and Austria.

Previously the Armenian economy was heavily dependent on industry such as chemicals, synthetic rubber, textiles which required great imports of raw materials; it has managed to shift itself on to a more stable footing including the mining of precious metals, the manufacturer of jewellery and communications technologies. This transition from an industry-led, centrally-planned economy to one based on free-market principles wasn't a painless one. During 1989, when independence was first declared to 1993 the economy shrank by nearly 60% and witnessed significant hyperinflation.

If you're a pioneer and doing business with companies in Armenia, or have friends or family in the country then you might like to take advantage of our cheap courier prices for those of you who wish to send a parcel to Armenia. Shipping rates will be dependent on the dimensions of your parcel, but typically a 1kg light-weight parcel would cost £26.99 for a two to three day delivery - from the date of collection. A heavier parcel, perhaps at 10kg, would cost more at around £78.99, whilst a pretty heavy parcel would cost approximately £132.99 via DHL Air Express.

Of course Armenia, at the time of writing, isn't within the European Union; hence there are some import restrictions. They do have a PDF of information; however, this is over 50mb in size.

Should you wish to contact the Armenian Customs Service then you can so at 375015, Movses Khorenatsi 3, Yerevan or telephone them on (+ 374 10) 594-311.

From the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Washington, DC, USA we found a page that details the customs code with a list of prohibitions:
Import of goods and means of transportation into the customs territory of the Republic of Armenia and export thereof out of the customs territory of the Republic of Armenia may be prohibited if these goods and means of transportation endanger or may endanger the state and national security, public order, the moral values of the population, human life and health, the protection of animals and plants and the environment, objects of art and historical monuments, personal property (including intellectual property), rights and interests.

From elsewhere we believe that there are restrictions on importing antiques, art, carpets and paintings, jewellery as well as items of food or bedding if the country of origin is Turkey. Furthermore, there are possibly restrictions on ingots of precious metals and bank notes.