Do You Offer Parcel Collection And Delivery Services?

That's exactly how we operate: we help you find courier companies that will collect from your home or office and then deliver your parcel for you. Find out how cheap we are here.

Recently we have added services that allow you to drop off your parcel at either a depot or a local Post Office. When you do a price comparison you will at first see a list of the most popular courier services and then, in other tabs, services with specific features - if this is something you're interested in then look for the 'Drop-Off' tab.

We list discounted prices of the most reliable courier companies in the UK who offer parcel collection and delivery services. There are obviously added benefits from using a parcel delivery company which provides the opportunity to have your packages and parcels collected from the address of your choice and then delivered to their destination in that you don’t have to travel to the courier depot to send your items.

Is it Suitable for Ebay Users?

Is most certainly is. We have a vast number of Ebay sellers that regularly use this website to keep on-top-of and book the cheapest couriers to visit them at home. When you send volumes of parcels each day then it makes sense for the courier to visit you rather than take them all to one of the various shops that some couriers use - especially if parking is an issue.

What We Offer

So if you're looking for a courier to "collect my parcel" then we're obviously the solution for you. We also arrange the other half of the process - the delivery of the parcel. We believe our service is particularly relevant for people that work during the day and would like a parcel collected from their office or factory. However, we also believe our service is superior to taking your package to the Post Office to be delivered if you're elderly, disabled or just not capable of leaving your own as the courier will visit your address and collect your parcel.

What about a Saturday Collection?

As of October 2014 we do not have any couriers that offer Saturday collections. If you require a Sunday delivery then you can book the relevant Parcelforce offering for a Friday collection. If you are concerned about being available to hand over your parcel if you are out at work during the week then you could use the various drop-off services which can be found by using the "Send a Parcel" link at the top of this page.

And the new, exciting, stuff.

We've recently flipped the courier collection market on its head and given you greater control of the shipping process. One of the aspects of the traditional courier process that some customers didn't like was that they would have to wait in for a parcel to be collected. Sometimes this actually meant that they had to take time off work. But now you're not expected to do that. You know have a number of options.

You can drop your parcel off at the relevant courier depot during their opening hours. During the booking process you can select the closest parcel to your home or office - or even if you're going to be out and about in meetings etc. you can find the best one for your journey - that could even be halfway to your destination, and drop it off there.

Europe & Worldwide

Also if you're looking to send a parcel to Europe or worldwide then there are added benefits to using our courier quote system as you can compare all the options in terms of size, weights and delivery times and alter your package accordingly. For instance, you may wish to add other items to it to take advantage of our price breaks - so you get more for your money. And why not? We're here to save you as much money as possible.

How Do I Arrange A Courier To Collect My Parcel?

To arrange a courier pick up only use the quick courier prices form to generate some prices (or use the box to the right), then you just select how quickly you'd like your parcel to get to its destination if in the UK and then fill in some other information like where the parcel should be collected from, and where it's going to. It shouldn't take more than three or four minutes to get your package allocated for courier collection.

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