How Do I Track A City Link Parcel Delivery?

Update: 29/12/14 - City Link has gone into administration and therefore we cannot offer any of their services. The information below is being kept in place until we have an update from City Link's aministrators. However, we currently have no City Link services available.

When you've placed an order for a parcel to be collected and delivered via City Link and you've like to see the status of your order all you need to do is visit the homepage and place your Parcel Monkey tracking number into the box at the bottom of the page - it's the one that starts with 'PM_'.

An alternative is to login (you can do that at the top-right-hand-side of every page). This will show you a list of your past and current shipments. Simply click on the 'All Shipments' tab and you will see a list of your orders. All you need to do then is click on the 'Track Parcel' icon next to the relevant order and then you'll be given latest information about your shipment.

But Why The Strange Tracking numbers?

Essentially we need a tracking number which can tie in all the different systems which need to communicate together. All the different courier services use their own formats, but to allow our customers to have a uniformed order processing and management system we need to ensure continuity and conformity and the most appropriate way to do that is to have the one system.

Where Can I find my City Link Consignment Number Though?

That's no problem. Just follow the process above to track your City Link parcel. On the final page you'll see the City Link tracking page which will have your consignment number just below the text: 'Track A Parcel'. Feel free to use that in any communication with City Link should you wish.

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