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How much does it does to send a parcel?

Well, that depends on where it’s going, how quickly and bulky it is.

Cost is so important these days. We've noticed over recent years a slight shift away from people being concerned about how quickly a parcel can get to its destination and to how cheap the cost to send that parcel is.

To give our customers the cheapest price possible we've segmented the services down so the smaller, less heavy a parcel is: the less you pay. Although that's good for you, it does make it difficult to summarise the prices. We'll do our best here.

Update: We now offer a locker-to-locker service which often is the cheapest method we have for sending a parcel. To reduce the cost of the service to a minimum the service requires that you drop off the parcel at a specificed location. Here you will find a locker operated by ByBox where you use the PIN number we'll send you to access it. The recipient of the parcel will also be given details of how to collect it. Prices for this service start at £4.49+vat.

UK Domestic Courier Prices

We might as well start off with covering our prices with parcels sent within the UK mainland. Here you get more choice in terms of the number of services available to you. To find out the cost for your domestic delivery simply add the dimensions of the parcel into the quote form,

You will then be met with a range of prices.

Small Parcels

A small parcel, 20cm x 20cm x 20cm and just 2kg would cost from £10.99+vat for fairly local same day service. If you're able to fit your item into a mailing bag then our bag price is incredibly low at £7.49+vat.

We also offer a range of timed services such as next day by 6pm (also available with a guarantee), 9am, 12 noon, same day collection and a 48 hour service, and a Saturday delivery service.

Medium Sized Packages

If you're looking to send a parcel that is larger, perhaps 50cm x 50cm x 50cm and weighing 15kg these prices would around £6.69+vat for the popular next day by 6pm service, or with same day collection for £7.34. If you would like your parcel to be delivered by 9am the next day then the price would be £19.25.

Heavy Packages

These City Link and Parcelforce services are still available up to around 70cm x 70cm x 70cm and 25kg but costing £10.87+vat for next day 6pm (with collection £11.52), or £21.50 by 9am.

Very Heavy Packages

From around 75cm x 75cm x 75cm and 25kg these parcels become non-shippable by traditional couriers for domestic deliveries. You can select, however, use our Nightfreight service for around £47.99 and over.

Scottish Islands, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland

We're currently in the process of changing the booking process for people wishing to send parcels to the UK islands and Northern Ireland. Click here to find out how send a parcel to these non-mainland parts of the UK.

International Parcel Delivery

As you can imagine with the distances being different for each country, then the prices will be different dependent on where you would like your parcel shipped too. We are currently creating some easy to use country guides which you can find on our international parcel delivery page. These pages will not only detail the relevant courier prices, but importantly any customs restrictions should they exist (we hope we've got them all).

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