Saturday Parcel Delivery: The cheapest way to get parcels delivered on the weekend.

What is it?

Simply put, we offer a parcel delivery service where your parcel or package is collected on a Friday or before then and delivered on a Saturday - before 1pm.

The UK's Cheapest Saturday Parcel Delivery Service from just £15.59+VAT

Why spend hours of your week spent in queues just so your customer of relation can have a parcel delivered on a Saturday? We're in a position to offer a massively discounted price on the next day, Saturday delivery service. This price cannot be found anywhere else. 

How it works

1. Make sure your parcel is less than 30kg and that it meets the carriers conditions of service.

2. Make sure that you book in advance as some carriers require a much longer notice period, whilst Parcelforce can be booked by 11:00 on the Friday (subject to change)

3. Make sure someone will be available on the Friday for the parcel to be collected.

4. And that the recipient will in a position to take delivery on the Saturday before 1pm.

5. Then monitor the delivery with the help of the online tracking system.

Parcelforce Saturday Delivery

We now offer a Saturday parcel delivery service with Parcelforce. However, whether this service is available will also depend on what time you complete your booking. If you have booked before 11am your parcel will be collected on the same day (if required), however, if you book afterwards then the earliest it can be collected will be the next working day (Monday to Friday) i.e. if you book at 9:40 on the Friday you parcel can be collected that day and delivered on the day afterwards, but if you have booked at 10:30 then you parcel will be collected on the following Monday and delivered on the Saturday after that. 

This guidance is subject to change, and the particular services that may be offered to book may be in fact be different when you book.

How To Book

Simply visit our courier quotes form to start the process.

  • Next day service is to UK mainland only, in non-remote locations.
  • Next day service is next working day (Monday-Friday) excluding public holidays.
  • For services with a money back guarantee, if your parcel isn't delivered the day after it's collected, we'll give you the shipment cost back (excluding VAT and insurance cost).