Parcel Monkey Premier

The lowest cost volume shipping solution available online

What is it?

Parcel Monkey Premier is designed for business customers shipping 10 or more items every week. Benefits include even further discounts on our City Link services and access to special "Premier Only" Parcelforce services and priority service through our support system.


  • Jiffy / Packet / bag prices from just £6.99 + vat
  • Parcel rates up to 19kg from just £7.95 + vat
  • Comprehensive insurance options
  • Next Day services only

Book online or seamlessly integrate into Parcel Monkey using our API.


In order to take advantage of the benefits available to premier account holders, you must first opt in, then maintain an average shipping volume of 10 or more consignments per week.

The system will automatically monitor your shipment volumes and deactivate your premier benefits if you are not fulfilling the quota. Likewise, it will reactivate your premier benefits if you begin shipping to quota once again.

Competitive Rates

All rates are based on a pay-as-you-go or pre-paid service.

How to book?

We've made booking shipments faster and easier with the introduction of our Parcel Monkey API. This means you can integrate directly into Parcel Monkey to place bookings automatically. We also have a CSV upload facility that enables you to book your shipments in batch. If you'd prefer, you can still use our normal web interface to book your shipments.

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