Is Parcel Monkey a Courier Comparison Site?

Yes, but we're much more than that!

I suppose you could say we are as when you submit your requirements to our parcel delivery quotes engine we give you a list of different couriers and service levels that can fulfill your needs.

Our view, however, is that pure-play courier comparison sites are two-a-penny. We've invested a significant amount of time and money streamlining the process of booking shipments, negotiating the best prices (many are exclusive deals with us), giving you the tools to manage your order, as well establishing what you can and can't courier abroad (see here). We believe that with Parcel Monkey, you just don't get the best prices, you also get the best service too - that's why our customers hold us in such high regard!

Currently, we compare prices and the service features of the following couriers: DHL, Parcelforce, DX,  TrackPak, La Poste / Swiss Post. 

Why Do You Offer The Couriers You Do?

Let's be honest here. We've got the choice of spending our time negotiating hard with a few courier partners, or spreading ourselves thinly just to get more logos onto the website. We prefer to choose to spend our time working with the couriers we believe can do a great job for our customers and get our customers' parcels shipped to the destination quickly.

How Does It Work?

Other than the negotiation element, we develop technology to establish the prices of our partners for your specific requirements and then show the range of available options. We then ensure that request is handled correctly and work with those partners to make sure the whole process is handled smoothly. We then handle any issues that may arise on rare occasions.

We, therefore, feel that were more than just a courier comparison site, even though our prices are low, we still add value.